Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cute confetti idea

Confetti for weddings can get expensive depending on how you use it, how many tables you have etc. After I got engaged I bought every bridal magazine on the shelf just about. After I looked at them 10 times and cut out the pictures I wanted to keep there was nothing left to do with them until one day I got the idea to make confetti out of the pages. I bought a heart shaped hole punch from a craft store and began making my own confetti from the magazine pages. There are tons of shapes to chose from like flowers diamonds stars etc. Everyone loved this super cute creative idea and it was inexpensive. You can also use other things laying around the house it doesn't have to be bridal magazines. Think scrapbook paper pieces, newspapers, or business cards lying around.

 Good luck getting creative!
~Brandi the Budget Bride

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  1. yay! I love this idea! Did ray tell you my idea with those blue flowers I sent you about putting fake pearls through them and down the stems and then putting lace around the stems? Would make them very pretty.